Monday, October 12, 2009
  The Folly of Nationalism
The problem I have with nationalism, no matter how mild it's form, is that it tries to make the personal political. I was born in England to Scottish parents and moved to Scotland when I was five. I don't really consider myself either English or Scottish. I think having a clear idea of where you're from and of the society that you form a part of is a fine thing. I also think it can be limiting. There is a freedom in just being a random British person.

I think that national identity is something that people choose for themselves. Binding it up with the state just renders nationalism artificial and ridiculous. The beauty of Britain is that it is not a nation state. The SNP want a state that limits the horizons of Scots, tying them up in tartan and stuffing their mouths with shortbread. As a unionist I see Britain as a first step towards a more open world where we can choose identities for ourselves.

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