Sunday, October 11, 2009
  Sunday Papers
Having flicked through the political stories on the excellent PoliticsHome site, commentators in today's papers seem to be dividing between those willing to suspend disbelief and view David Cameron as having an agenda behind his rhetoric and those who still see him as a vacuous PR man. Personally, I think he has no more vision for the country than Tony Blair did in 1997. He'll make cuts a little more quickly than Brown would, but the rest is hot air. A fresh start under the Tories doesn't fill me with horror, it just leaves me a little depressed. It feels like groundhog day.

There is an unreality to the people who are trying to cheerlead for either Brown or Cameron. Their articles read like they are desperately clutching for something to get enthused about ahead of the election campaign. It's all nonsense - there is nothing there of any substance. Surely there is space here for a party to present a radical alternative agenda?

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